YOU and UNITED WAY. Together we can create lasting changes in LANCASTER COUNTY, achieving results that no organization or individual could accomplish alone.

Benefit your business and join more than 400 local businesses across the county that participate in United Way’s annual campaign! Measurable, lasting benefits for your business and our community are felt when everyone combines resources to address issues within our community.

Boost Your Image.

When you support United Way, trust in your company increases as consumers witness your investment in the community. Your company’s image will be enhanced through public recognition and involvement in a prestigious network of your corporate colleagues.

Engage Your Employees.

A United Way campaign brings people together as they work toward a common goal. Companies that run campaigns report improved morale and happier, more productive employees.

Participate With Ease.

Partnering with United Way is easy! We provide all the necessary materials to make your experience simple, easy, and one we hope you’ll want to repeat year after year. The effort is minimal but the impact for your community is great.

For more information on running a United Way campaign in your workplace, email