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Community Investment Grants 

United Way is on a mission to advance the education, economic mobility, and health of our community by mobilizing resources, people, and organizations because we envision an equitable Lancaster County where every individual has an opportunity to succeed, and the entire community thrives as a result. We want to address complex community issues by investing in the basic building blocks that every person – and every community – need to thrive: Education, Economic Mobility, Health and Well-being, and Basic/Emerging needs. We aim to serve individuals who are historically or currently marginalized and/or are suffering from systemic inequities that impede their ability to reach and maintain financial independence through family-sustaining employment.

We seek to accelerate proven and innovative solutions via focused Community Investment Grants (CIGs). These CIGs are made possible by the donations of thousands of community investors each year, and United Way is committed to serving as a strategic steward of these dollars. We plan to be a contributor to the work; grantees will receive support through the connections and opportunities we bring, including volunteers and other resources, to aid their success. 

The Spring 2022 Call for Proposals has closed.

Local Innovations in Vaccine Equity in Pennsylvania project (LIVE PA) grant: 

Under this initiative, community-based coalitions can apply to their local United Ways for flexible funding and additional vaccine allocations in order to bring vaccinations to the gathering places and even the doorsteps of minority and vulnerable populations (African Americans, Latinos, immigrants, refugees, people who are elderly and isolated, people experiencing homelessness, urban and rural populations living in poverty, single parents, etc.) in areas of disparity and need identified by DHS and DOH. 

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"Get Connected. Get Help. - Never have those words, our tagline, meant more to us. The breadth of needs continue to increase as individuals try their best to navigate their new normal during a pandemic. Individuals not needing to seek services before reached out for help, and thankfully, United Way's investment in 211 allowed us to continue to respond, with compassion and empathy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year."

|Patricia Espinosa-Vargas
Director, PA 211 East