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United Way is on a mission to make Lancaster County a thriving community for all our neighbors. To achieve this goal, we’ve created Level Up & Launch – a grant program that will invest a total of $500,000 in innovative projects that address service gaps and disparities in the community. By focusing on the three main building blocks of education, economic mobility and health & wellbeing , we aim to serve those marginalized individuals who are suffering from systemic inequities. Our Level Up & Launch grants provide not only funding for these projects, but ongoing support to the grantees to enable their success.

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Women United invests in the betterment of Lancaster County women. Member contributions are invested in programs and initiatives through an annual grant process. Each year the grant focuses on a different area of United Way’s mission as it relates to women; achieve impactful change in the education, economic mobility and health of Lancaster County women.

"We were isolated during the Covid-19 Pandemic - disconnected from everything outside of our four walls. Now, as we start to rebuild relationships and patch the foundations of our community, our strength has been renewed. Community initiatives are experiencing a renaissance where their mission and vision are either being reinstated or reimagined altogether."

|Julie Kennedy
Community Initiatives Manager