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Give Back! Win Big!

Campaign incentives, part of United Way of Lancaster County’s “Give Back Win Big” initiative, help to leverage increased and new gifts from donors. They provide excitement and engagement during the annual workplace campaign and beyond by incentivizing donors to participate.

You will be automatically entered for a chance(s) to win one of the prizes when you make a pledge of $50 or more!

• Pledge $50-99 and receive ONE chance to win
• Pledge $100-$199 and receive TWO chances to win
• Pledge $200-$299 and receive THREE chances to win
• Pledge $300 or more and receive FOUR chances to win
All qualifying pledges received before May 31, 2024 at 11:59pm EDT will be automatically entered.

Rules for 2023-2024

Prize Giveaway Form

"United Way of Lancaster County hosts events to bring the community together to celebrate wins, fundraise and raise awareness of the gaps within the Lancaster community. We hope that in doing so, we are able to reach new audiences and improve the lives of our neighbors."

|Madeline Seiler
Marketing and Communications Director