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Give Back, Win Big!

Campaign incentives, part of United Way of Lancaster County’s “Give Back, Win Big” initiative, help to leverage increased and new gifts from donors. They provide excitement and engagement during the annual workplace campaign and beyond by incentivizing donors to participate.

You will be automatically entered for one (1) chance to win one of the prizes below when you make a pledge of $52 or more! All qualifying pledges received before June 13, 2025 at 11:59 pm EDT will be automatically entered.

2024-2025 Official Rules

"We were isolated during the Covid-19 Pandemic - disconnected from everything outside of our four walls. Now, as we start to rebuild relationships and patch the foundations of our community, our strength has been renewed. Community initiatives are experiencing a renaissance where their mission and vision are either being reinstated or reimagined altogether."

|Julie Kennedy
Community Initiatives Manager