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Project Blueprint

Project Blueprint is an initiative that has recently been adopted by UWLC’s newly established Equity Committee. It is a training program for underrepresented and diverse community members to serve on nonprofit and public governance boards. Through this program, participants will receive training and resources so they can effectively serve in key leadership positions on the boards of these organizations.

Additionally, Project Blueprint will provide training to the organizations who are willing to take a deeper dive into addressing inequity at the board level, and to learn how they can be authentically inclusive, culturally competent and welcoming to diverse board members. The current plan is to have multiple cohorts of participants throughout the year, with the first cohort of individuals beginning in August 2023. To register for a Project Blueprint as an individual, visit, or as an organization, visit To learn more about the initiative, please send an email to

VIDEO: What is Project Blueprint?

"For many years United Way has been able to support many initiatives and leverage those investments to have a major impact in our community. We are so thankful for this community that jumps to help their neighbors when they need it the most by supporting these initiatives, programs and partnerships."

|Maria Lapp
Director of Finance