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The mission of Women United is to invest in the betterment of Lancaster County women. Member contributions are invested in programs and initiatives through an annual grant process. Each year the grant focuses on a different area of the Women United Vision: Achieve impactful change in the health, education, and financial stability of Lancaster County women.

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three women, smiling









The objective of the 2021-2022 grant cycle is to better the lives of Lancaster County women by promoting women's education initiatives. We are delighted to be funding these organizations:




The GateHouse

Milagro House

Clare House

A total of $60,000 was distributed between The GateHouse and a partnership between Milagro House and Clare House. We look forward to the great work these organizations will do to help women in Lancaster County. Please click here for more information about future Women United Grant funding.

If you're interested in becoming a Women United member, click this sheet for more information.  New for the 2021-2022 campaign year, Women United is excited to offer an additional membership option. If you are 35 or under, make an annual contribution of $250 toward Women United and volunteer to join one of our committees (grants, membership, governance) or volunteer your time at an event throughout the campaign year, you will be a member of Women United with voting rights included. We are thrilled to offer this new option to young professionals in Lancaster County. 

If you have any other questions regarding Women United membership or grant opportunities, please contact Sara Yoskoski, Director of Leadership Giving & Events Management, at WomenUnited@uwlanc.org or 717.824.8127.

Heather Ace
Susan C. Adams
Kay Burky
Linda L. Castagna
Susanne H. Dombrowski
Maria DiStravolo Elliott
Tamela J. Fassnacht
Susan J. Garofola
Michelle Gibbons
Jill E. Gilbert
Kathy Pandelidis Granbois, Esq.
Jennifer L. Groff
Barbara E. Hall
Jill Ranck Hauck
M. Louise Hess
Sadie High
Christina M. Hoffman
Deb Jones, MSW, LCSW
Ann S. Keim
M. Diane Koken
Katherine B. Kravitz, Esq.
Wendy Lance
Jen Lauver (Vice-Chair)
Fran Legenstein
Doris Lyons

Maureen Gimpel Maley  
Pam McDonald 
Susan McMullen  
Julie McNamara 
Kristina J. McVey 
Dr. Jeanne H. Neff 
Bethany Novis (Chair)
Jennifer Oehme Knepper MSN, RN, CCRN 
Joan K. Paxton 
Dr. Carol Y. Phillips 
Ellen Romano 
Joyce Saeger 
Amy L. Sahm 
Angie Sargent 
Allison E. Schlegelmilch 
Sharon M. Sherban 
Deidre W. Simmons 
Ellen St. Cyr 
Robin D. Stauffer 
Patricia Stockwell 
Bernadette M. Taylor 
Ann Treier 
Linda Wright 

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This list was created on June 30, 2021. We apologize for any omissions of members or step-up members.