Helpers Always Needed

Your time and talents will help improve lives when you volunteer to help others in Lancaster County!

Each day thousands of people like you make their caring count by helping health and human service agencies with a wide range of tasks. You could serve your community as a counselor, tutor, companion to the elderly, board or committee member, and in other ways beneficial to the community.

United Way of Lancaster County's Volunteer Center coordinates and mobilizes volunteers, both individuals and groups, young and old, corporate and families, to deliver creative solutions to community problems. Together we can all make this community a better place to live.


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Additional Volunteer Opportunities:



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Click here to view a list of agencies that offer Youth Volunteer Opportunities.

Click here to view a list of agencies that offer Court Appointed Community Service Opportunities.

Check out LNP newspaper on Sundays for our bi-weekly Volunteer Connections column, which highlights recent opportunities offered by local organizations.