We're celebrating our 10th Anniversary and first $1 million raised! 

Check out our 10 Year Report here.

Women UNITED make change happen with their voices, time, and investments.

Founded by a group of five women leaders and United Way volunteers (Karen Heinle, the late Joan Henderson, Carol Hess, Joanne Judge, and Joan Paxton), Women UNITED provides a forum for members to contribute $1,000 or more annually and make investments that address issues for women and children. Since its formation, the Women UNITED has provided funding for:

  • A nurse/family partnership which matches nurses with low-income, first-time mothers to provide support from pregnancy through the child’s second birthday

  • Development and distribution of marketing materials for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program which provides free tax preparation service for low-income families; in the 2013 tax year, 3,701 households were served by 196 volunteers, making a financial impact of over $5 million to the local economy in refunds received and tax preparation fees saved

  • The MS (Matched Savings) Independence Program which provides a 3-for-1 match for women saving to purchase a home, continue their education, or start a small business; since the program’s inception, 19 women have purchased a home, 9 women have continued their education, and 2 women have started a small business

Through networking events and volunteer opportunities, members of Women UNITED have the opportunity to learn more about our community and the impact their investments make on others.


2016-2017 Women United Members

Gold Members

Susan C. Adams
Maureen L. Bassett
Sally Buckwalter
Kay Burky
Susan G. Burlingame
Molly Clark
Gloria E. Degler, CFP, CDFA
Susanne H. Dombrowski
Tamela J. Fassnacht
|Sharon L. Fillmann
Lynn Fitzsimons
Susan J. Garofola
Michelle S. Gibbons
Kathy Pandelidis Granbois, Esq.
Kimberly Grizzle
Melissa Hartman
Carol D. Hess
M. Louise Hess
Sadie High
Cheryl Irwin-Bass
Wendy G. Jarrett
Joanne M. Judge
Ann S. Keim
M. Diane Koken
Katherine B. Kravitz, Esq.
Wendy Lance
Fran Legenstein
Lynda W. Limpert
M. Michelle McCann
Pam McDonald

Julie McNamara
Theresa Mongiovi
Grace E. Moyer
Dr. Jeanne H. Neff
Bethany Novis
Joan Paxton
Carol Y. Phillips
Susan Rhoades
Elizabeth Roda
Jeffrey & Elizabeth Ross
Joyce Saeger
Amy L. Sahm
Dave & Anne Marie Schulz
Susan Senkowski
Sharon M. Sherban
Deidre W. Simmons
Linda Simpson
Sheila L. Snyder
Ms. Christina M. Springer
Ellen St. Cyr
Robin D. Stauffer
Patricia T. Stockwell
Eleanor H. Strayer
Sue Suter
Carol Szutowicz
Bernadette Taylor
Anna L. Thomas
Janet Treer
Ann Treier
Alison van Harskamp
Linda Wright

Silver Members

Sharon Allen-Spann
Anne Beiler
Vanessa M. Bramble
Meredith Brickner
Jennifer Craighead Carey
Matthew Eberts
Maria DiStravolo Elliott
Denise Elliott
Teri L. Good
Elizabeth M. Groff
Jennifer L. Groff
Barbara E. Hall
Daphne Z. Hathaway
Celeste D. Heckman
John & Cindy Holden
Vanessa M. Iliffe
Melania Jasinkski
Bob Kim
Joanne B. Ladley
Jen Lauver
Kim Lemon
Julia Livingston
Maureen Gimpel Maley

Kristin F. Marshall
Anita K. Martin
Mary Renner
Michelle Rondonelli
Susan E. Savage
Allison E. Schlegelmilch
Ms. Lois A Schultz
Stella Sexton
Dr. Brenda J. Smoker
Lisa Snyder
Barbara H. Snyder
Daniel I. Stambaugh
Mary L. Steffy
Miss Beverly R. Steinman
Diane & Ed Supple
Nancy J. Tulli
Michele M. Turner
Stacie C. Wagner, Accountant
Alyssa Livengood Waite
Sonja Waters
Kris Weeks
Anonymous (4)