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Student Loan Debt Relief

Are you one of nearly 45 million Americans who have student loan debt? 

New partnership can help you find student loan debt relief options 

Is this debt burdening your household budget and keeping you from reaching your financial goals? Did you know this not managing this debt can lead to wrecked credit scores and garnished tax refunds? The good news is help is available. United Way has partnered with Savi, an online student loan management platform, to help people freely and easily access student loan debt relief. 

This online tool reviews your student loan options and summarizes repayment options that fit your needs. Whether that’s saving as much as possible per month or paying the least total amount over time, the decision is ultimately yours. Savi are not financial advisors — but their goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to make the best decision. 

Through our partnership, if you create an account during 2021 and earn less than $80,000 a year, you will have FREE ACCESS to:

  • Automatically submit your student loan relief applications through the Savi tool
  • Receive personalized support from Savi’s student loan experts

If you earn more than $80,000 you can still benefit from the tool, but you’ll need to submit your applications directly to your loan servicer or pay Savi $60 to access the automatic application process for one year. Credit is not pulled when you create a Savi account or use the Savi platform to apply for the available student loan repayment options. In fact, your credit scores are positively impacted if you use the platform helps them to start or continue making on time payments!

Anyone can create a free account by going to to learn about student debt relief options that are available to them. Are you a nonprofit or government employee? You could be one-sixth of the way towards total student loan forgiveness with the current COVID-19 pandemic relief. Your free account with Savi is here to help.

Take advantage of this money-saving opportunity to find student loan debt relief by enrolling for free today! Don’t delay, this program is set to end in December 2022. Save even more by having your 2021 taxes prepared for FREE at one of our many VITA locations throughout the county.

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