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Legacy Listening Sessions

United Way of Lancaster County will turn 100 in 2025! As our organization looks towards the future, we want to hear from our peers and change-makers in the community about the perception of our organization. What can we do to better serve our community and what would happen if United Way went away tomorrow? Would there be more need? And how can we use this information to create a plan for the future of our organization? The Legacy Listening Sessions will pose these questions and more in themed focus groups throughout the next 12 months. Themes that align with United Way of Lancaster County’s mission include; education, economic mobility, health and volunteering.

"Get Connected. Get Help. - Never have those words, our tagline, meant more to us. The breadth of needs continue to increase as individuals try their best to navigate their new normal during a pandemic. Individuals not needing to seek services before reached out for help, and thankfully, United Way's investment in 211 allowed us to continue to respond, with compassion and empathy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year."

|Patricia Espinosa-Vargas
Director, PA 211 East