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Systems change is about addressing the root causes of social problems. It is an intentional process designed to fundamentally alter a system’s components and structures. It’s not enough to continue to offer programs that manage the symptoms of poverty; we need to change the structures that are keeping people in poverty in the first place.  

When United Way launched the Collective Impact model in 2015, it required that everyone work together in partnership – businesses, government, schools, churches, foundations, and nonprofit organizations – to tackle our most pressing challenges and develop lasting solutions. By working this way, we all move towards the same clear goals. 

We currently support the direct work of nearly 70 funded partners in 10 Collective Impact Partnerships that are increasing the number of children accessing quality pre-K programs, offering more adults the chance to attain a post-secondary credential, and expanding community-based hubs across Lancaster County to help individuals more easily access resources in their community. Together we are making a difference! 

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Elizabethtown Area HUB 

Etown Hub logoHolistically addressing and disrupting the cycle of generational poverty from pre-natal to adulthood. 

Collaboration of over 60 partners in Elizabethtown area working together to provide: 

  • Emergency and Long-Term Housing 
  • High-Quality Child Care 
  • Career Services 
  • Food Assistance 
  • Education 
  • Financial Well-Being 
  • Mental and Physical Health Services 

Impact Story: 

A new client started a Debt Management Plan at Tabor Financial in Elizabethtown. She had debt on 6 credit cards totaling $28,000, having difficulty paying $1,100/month. Tabor brought her payment to a manageable $700/month, allowing her to be debt-free in 4.5 years.  


First 10 (P-3 Partnership Pathways) 

P-3 logoFirst 10 works to align the 2 integral pieces of a child’s educational success: early learning from birth to age 5 and K-12 public education. 

A collective of school districts and early childhood providers: 

  • Coordinate curriculum between early childhood education and K-12 education 
  • Provide Social Services and Supports to Families 

Impact Story: 

A mother was trying to enter the workforce, but her daughter had extreme separation anxiety and could not handle daycare. Visits with First 10 focused on how she could support her daughter’s social emotional development, and language development. Daughter’s risk level on Ages & Stages Questionnaire/Social Emotional went from “very high” to “low risk” and she transitioned well into day care. Mother said “Thank you, I’m feeling far more confident in my daughter’s development, and in my own parenting. It feels good!” 


Integration Services for New Americans: 

Integration Services logoGoing beyond the federally mandated 90-day cultural orientation for people upon arrival to U.S., supporting them so they may thrive. 

“One-stop shop” of services at the Refugee Center at Reynolds Middle School in Lancaster, providing: 

  • Language Services 
  • Cultural Orientation 
  • Career Services 
  • Health Care and Immunizations 
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) 
  • Affordable Long-Term Housing 
  • Pre-school and Post-Secondary Education 

Impact Story: 

After studying English for 4 years and building their medical skills, a group of international healthcare professionals enrolled in Penn State University's Second-Degree RN program. This full-time program enables people who already have a degree to become a registered nurse in 9 months. 


Lanc Co MyHome: 

Lanco My Home logoNationally recognized for their efforts to functionally end chronic homelessness and veteran homelessness in Lancaster County. 

Network of over 150 health and human service providers, business leaders, and private sector individuals working to: 

  • Moving Individuals/Families into Permanent Housing 
  • Provide Short-Term Housing 
  • Assist in Attaining Living-Wage Jobs, Transportation 

Impact Story: 

Through our partnerships, we opened a day shelter in Lancaster city where we have needed one for almost a decade. It has been very successful, and individuals have developed a sense of belonging and community. 


Northern Lancaster Hub: 

NLH LogoAddresses the lack of access Northern Lancaster County families and individuals have to services by facilitating communication between nonprofits in community.  

Provides free bus services between Denver and Ephrata to increase accessibility. 

Variety of social services offered at two different sites in Northern Lancaster County: The Community Commons at Ephrata Public Library and the Declaration House in Denver. 

  • Housing 
  • Medical and Dental Care 
  • Job Services 
  • Financial Counseling 
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) 
  • WIC 

Impact Story: 

A family came to us seeking utility assistance - we helped. Later, they needed to obtain SNAP benefits - we helped. We reached out to them, encouraging them to negotiate with their landlord to pay more monthly so they are not evicted.  


Path to One Good Job: 

Path to One Good Job logoServes Lancaster County residents with an educational, situation, language, or financial barrier to obtaining post-secondary credentials.  

With the goal of finding and retaining employment at family-sustainable wages, Path To One Good Job follows the Integrated Education Training (IET) model, which pairs the program instructor with a co-instructor to provide extra, specialized support to participants with academic or language barriers. 

Impact Story: 

We've had the pleasure of following a client’s journey from seeking asylum in the United States, to earning her GED, to enrolling in and graduating from LPN training, to her wanting to give back to others. 


Plant the Seed of Learning: 

Plant the seed logo of two kidsAims to empower parents with tools to support their child’s healthy brain development at home, from birth to age 4.  

Local school districts, early childhood professionals, and medical personnel team up to provide: 

  • Interactive workshops designed for 0-2-year-olds and 3-4-year-olds  
  • Families are educated about brain development in playful environment 
  • Developmentally appropriate toys and books 
  • A family and community outreach specialist to assist families before children enter kindergarten 

Impact Story: 

We’ve expanded to include more school districts throughout the county. We have families that attend sessions at multiple locations across the county because they enjoy the enriching playgroup atmosphere. 


Solanco Family Life Network: 

Solanco logoEmpowering families to connect with community partners that meet the needs of the students and families looking to build careers and get out of poverty. 

Based in the southern end of Lancaster County, Solanco is a network of over 60 organizations providing: 

  • Parenting/Family Training 
  • Career Training 
  • Before- and After-School Programs 
  • Food Bank Resources 
  • Budgeting/Heating Bill Assistance 

Impact Story: 

This past year, the network addressed the emotional toil that the virus was having on the community. The newly formed Solanco Alliance worked in conjunction with the network and school social worker to identify families or individuals having emotional issues and provide them with assessments and counseling. 


Systems Aligned in Learning (SAIL): 

SAIL logoIncreasing the quality of home-based child-care by providing early learning resources, materials and mentoring directly to home-based child-care providers across the county, 

Both provide support for professionals to enhance their child-care business and help prepare children for kindergarten.  

  • ‘Be READy Rover’ van filled with library books and educational toys 
  • Two bilingual mentors conduct monthly visits to providers across the county, focusing on topics like 
    • Effective Business Practices 
    • Conducting Meaningful Activities with Children 
    • Understanding State Licensing Complexities  
    • Parenting Resources, Nutrition Classes, Community Programs  

Impact Story: 

One daycare provider operating out of her home, having received “Be READy Rover” services since February 2016, recently opened her own daycare center in the community. A SAIL mentor has been offering resources, suggestions, and encouragement for several years, and her dream of owning her own center has finally come true! 


Together Initiative Network:

Together Initiative logoEmpowers individuals and families who struggle with poverty in Eastern Lancaster County. 

The Together Community Center in Paradise, Lancaster County partners with nonprofits, healthcare organization, schools, local government, faith-based organizations to offer: 

  • Pre-K Education 
  • Teen and Adult Life Skill Courses 
  • Dental, Behavioral, and Preventative Health Services 
  • On-Site Family Crisis Housing  
  • Safe Parking Lot for People Experiencing Homelessness Living in Their Cars 

Impact Story: 

During this pandemic, our greatest success has been keeping our families fed, including school children. Thanks to the generosity of the community, we are receiving 1,000 lbs. of food weekly to help ensure families do not go hungry. 


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