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Guiding Community Resources

We raise money to ensure all children have books and supplies they need to learn, that all adults have the ability to get a job that supports them and their families, and that everyone has access to basic healthcare. But we do more than fundraise; we build win-win partnerships by making it easier for people to get involved in supporting our goals for Lancaster County. 

We bring organizations together to achieve a shared goal. But we do more than collaborate; we use the collective impact model to create intentional community partnerships and initiatives that combine the best resources and expertise in our County to help people move from dependency to self-sufficiency. Collective impact requires partners that are open to innovation, willing to change how they operate, and are held accountable for results.

"My vision is to create an inclusive and equitable community where every individual irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status has an opportunity to succeed, because that's the only way entire community will thrive and prosper."

|Aiza Ashrat
Director of Equity