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United Way Resource Development Team Update

The Resource Development Team at UWLC has been working remotely since mid-March, during which time we’ve added two new team members (Sara Yoskoski, Director of Leadership Giving & Events and Vince Cronin, Business Development Associate). We’re excited to have Sara and Vince on board to expand our fundraising reach into the community! We asked the RD team for their perspective on working remotely during this time.


Emily Schaeffer (Resource Development Administrative Associate):

At first, I took advantage of all the “freedom” now awarded to me. I slept in until 7:45AM, rolling out of bed and onto the couch for an 8:00AM start in my sweatpants and t-shirt. It seemed like every hour I found myself wandering into the kitchen for a snack, just because I could. After a few months of remote working, I’ve taken the advice of the experts and attempted to change some of my habits, including dressing “business casual” and sitting at the kitchen table. I find myself longing for the days of two monitors and a rolling chair, even if it means I can only eat the snacks that periodically show up in the break room.  

Sara Yoskoski (Director of Leadership Giving and Events):

It’s been quite an interesting time to start a new job, I can’t say I have ever started one while working from home but this is definitely a different time for everyone. I did use this as an excuse to buy a desk and chair I have had my eye on, further feeding my shopping addiction. While I am not sure this has affected my productivity levels, it is nice to look at and feels somewhat office adjacent. However, I am looking forward to getting into the office and settling back into a normal routine even though it will no longer be acceptable to wear leggings every day.

Vince Cronin (Business Development Associate):

Starting a new job is never easy. Learning the ins and outs of your new responsibilities. Being confused about small details and lingo that your new coworkers take for granted. Trying to intuit the personalities and emotions of people who were heretofore strangers; strangers who will now for years play an integral part in your daily life. Developing a new routine, which we all know is an easy thing to do, #sarcasm. Now add in the issues and strangeness of having to work from home in the time of a pandemic and it’s enough to make anyone feel stressed out and worried.

Or in my case, it makes me feel lucky and grateful.

Lucky to still be working in a time when many aren’t and grateful to be working for an organization that is actively making a difference to help everyone affected by our current “situation”. It doesn’t mean that the new job concerns disappear, but once they are put into perspective they just don’t seem as daunting as they used to.

Barb Zercher (Resource Development Director):

In the early days of working from home, I realized that our resources at home had limitations… an old desktop computer, no webcam and slow internet service. The process to fix these things has been fairly seamless. In those first days of remote work, I felt like I didn’t dare disconnect from the work technology (MS Teams, SharePoint, email, etc.) for fear of letting something drop. Since that time, I’ve tried to pace myself more realistically, with break times and logging off at 5:00ish. My occasional forays into the office (we’re scheduling individual visits when necessary) have felt strange… the building is empty and quiet. As we move further into this time, we are looking at ways to change some of United Way’s “typical” in-person practices to more virtual ones. Although I’m grateful for the technology that makes remote work possible, I miss seeing my colleagues and look forward to the day when we’re back together (even if that means staying 6 feet apart).