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Philanthropic Intent is Learned from a Young Age

After over 15 years in non-profit fundraising, I have noticed one wonderful thing about giving people.  Philanthropic intent is learned from a young age.  People that choose to invest and volunteer in their community had the tradition built into their DNA from their parents and grandparents.  What an incredible gift to give your community and future generations. 

During The ExtraOrdinary Give there is a perfect opportunity to allow your children <to see> what it means to give back.  United Way hosts an event, in partnership with our dear friends at Go N’ Bananas, that allows kids to support the organizations or issues that are important to them.  For every gift of $25 or more, Go N’ Bananas will give the children a $25 game card (limit 8 game cards). This will not only allow you to work with your family to talk about the incredible organizations doing wonderful work to serve others in our community, it makes it fun!

The fact that Go N’ Bananas is doing this should surprise no one.  It is run by the Legenstein family, and they have a legacy of community support that has been passed down through the generations.  Compassion, care, and generosity in our community is a wonderful gift to give your family and the organizations in need of our financial support during the ExtraGive.

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Kevin Ditzler, Vice President, Development, United Way of Lancaster County