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A Letter of Thanks

Dear, Nurse Family Partnership

Education is something I have always taken very seriously, and I refuse to let my surroundings or circumstances get in the way of my future. I come from a large family of 7 and was the first to graduate high school and the only one enrolled in college. I am currently studying Mathematics/Computer Science and my goals are to become a Computer Software Engineer. I would love to create my own apps and I am already full of ideas and very excited to make my dream a reality. I took a semester off after giving birth to my sweet son but managed to get right back on track and pick up where I left off. I was very blessed to be able to receive financial help for my academics last semester. Since writing my last letter to you, there have been some great updates. I have brought my GPA even higher to a 3.8 and maintained being on the Dean's List. I have also joined Phi Theta Kappa, the world's largest and most prestigious honor society for two-year college students. And to top it all off, my advisor has invited me to a summer program at Bucknell University where I will have a chance at a full ride scholarship for my junior and senior year. I cannot thank you enough for helping support my education. I have never received support from my own family but luckily my husband has been a strong support. He is doing the best that he can however, we are financially struggling, and I have taken out several loans just to be able to continue my studies. Words are not enough to explain how grateful I am. I will do my best to continue to make you all proud and can only show my gratitude by maintaining good grades and striving to be the very best. I know that any time I can receive help, it pushes me harder to never give up. And I look forward to the day that I reach my goals and I am successful so that I can give back to other student's the way that Nurse Family Partnership has given back to me. Thank you so much.


Andriana Garrido