Kathy's Story: The Together Initiative

The Together Initiative is setting eastern Lancaster County on fire with its energy, commitment, and zeal to serve its community. Tackling all four of United Way of Lancaster County’s bold goals, this Community Impact Partnership has more than 14 nonprofit organizations, faith-based groups, schools, healthcare providers, local companies, and volunteers who have joined together in an awesome, common vision to uplift the Pequea Valley. Based in a vacant elementary school, given to them by the school district, a host of services now originate from that hub.

There, Kathy and her family have already begun transforming their lives. An 11th grade dropout, Kathy said this was the single biggest regret of her life. Over the years she had tried several times to get back on track but kept getting derailed. When the Literacy Council joined forces in the Together Initiative and began offering GED classes in Gap, Kathy was their most eager student and their first GED graduate. Her son followed suit, getting his own degree and opening doors to solid employment and increased, family financial stability.

Kathy and her son’s transformation are just one example of the lives that are boldly being changed, thanks to visionary community commitment and United Way investors’ support.