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Honoring the legacy of Dr. King through Volunteer Service

To give some perspective, last year Jon Foley Sherman and I attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast, which is held annually by the Crispus Attucks Community Center in Lancaster.   When we came back to the office last January, we talked as a team about Dr. King and the reverence that the day deserved.  Our Founder and Chief Strategist Lois Dostalik then committed E4 to honoring the day through service.

As a result, this year Jon and I volunteered at the MLK breakfast first thing on Monday and then joined Lois at Power Packs.

We chose Power Packs because we have worked with the School District of Lancaster over the past several years and have strengthened a fierce commitment to the children in our district.  From our experiences with the incredible teams at SDoL, we are acutely aware of the importance of children coming to school well-fed and ready to learn.  Power Packs helps to address that critical role in our community—one that many people are not really aware of. 

The United Way of Lancaster County's Volunteer Center made the process incredibly easy. Since this was our first year participating, we checked the website and reviewed several different opportunities before registering and easily signing up online for the Power Packs opportunity. We were all impressed with how easy United Way of Lancaster County made it to contribute.

The best part about the project was working with other volunteers from local businesses such as Lancaster General Health and the H&H Group as well as several individuals who volunteered on their own. Personally, I was very humbled by the understanding that each individual bag of rice we filled and sealed was going to a local family in need. Seeing the names of all the local schools on pallets ready for stacking and delivery really drove home the importance of giving back to the community that we are so fortunate to live in.

We would definitely recommend volunteering as a team because the shared experience created a deeper awareness for us that we can bring to our other work. At the same, it afforded us an opportunity to meet some other dedicated community members.  The group quickly bonded and we were able to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time—plus we learned a lot more about Power Packs, which is an absolute treasure in our community.


United Way of Lancaster County's Volunteer Center would love to coordinate a project for you! Learn more about volunteering with your company, group or as an individual by contacting our Volunteer Center.

This Story That Unites Us was written by:

Scott Burky
Principal, Chief Transformation Architect
E4 Strategic Consultancy

United Way of Lancaster County Leadership Society Investor