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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is really about how your organization “shows up” in the community. Are you counted among the companies that care in Lancaster County? Whether you have a formal CSR plan or are just starting to think about ways your business could get involved with helping the community, we’re here to help you reach your goals. We have the community knowledge and connections that can save you countless hours and quickly help your organization create a plan that suits your interests using our

Customized Corporate Engagement Strategy


  • Your company will be recognized as an important community partner and will have a strong philanthropic message to promote with goals, actions, and results.
  • Your employees will be provided with appropriate and aligned opportunities for giving and engagement year-round that supports your corporate goals and their individual interests.
  • Your company’s impact on the community will increase exponentially and you will have a clear philanthropic dashboard to measure your contributions of time, talent, and treasure.
  • Your company will have a deeper understanding of community issues and the work of United Way.

How is this different than our current partnership?

While workplace campaigns continue to be a cornerstone of United Way’s fundraising, we are working to become the comprehensive charitable solution for your company. We want to redefine our relationship with our business partners. We want to go from a transactional relationship to a customized year-round engagement model. To do this, we have created a strategic process that builds a stronger, more efficient relationship with your company and changes our current model of workplace giving to a model that fosters year-long engagement. This gives your company and its employees the opportunity to make an impact on our communities throughout the year, not just during the typical campaign season.

Where will we engage?

United Way has engagement opportunities that take place year-round. The Comprehensive Corporate Engagement Strategy will identify engagement opportunities in a clear and concise plan that aligns to your Corporate Social Responsibility goals and interest of your workforce and leadership. We will work with your team to implement predetermined engagement opportunities throughout the year.

What should you expect?

It’s important that our partnership be collaborative. The steps below explain how we like to begin the process.

STEP 1: Feedback

We will set up an initial meeting with your company’s Community Relations leadership, Employee Campaign Coordinator, and any other determined employees. Depending on your needs, United Way representatives may include the Executive Vice President, Community Initiatives Director, Marketing Director, Resource Development Representative, and Volunteerism Representative. During this initial meeting, the United Way team will listen to your goals for employee engagement and community participation, your corporate giving philosophy, and the areas of the community in which you’d like to make an impact. For existing partners, we will then review information about your company’s partnership (campaign totals, community impact, volunteerism) to date. Lastly, we will discuss how United Way can best partner with your company and create a win-win scenario for all. The information gathered in this meeting will inform the strategy and plan going forward.

STEP 2: Customized Company Engagement Plan Draft & Validation

United Way will provide a draft of the Customized Corporate Engagement Strategy for validation before creating the finalized plan for presentation.

STEP 3: Present the Plan

After gathering information at the initial discovery meeting, the United Way team would then call a second meeting to present the approved Customized Corporate Engagement Strategy to the Community Relations contact and the company’s leadership. After this meeting, a MOU would be completed, and the final Strategy sent to your company’s designee. 

How to get started:

If you’re ready to align your company’s philanthropic vision to support the betterment of Lancaster County, we’re ready to create a plan with you. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

"United Way of Lancaster County is working hard to expand partnerships and leverage resources through grants that benefit our community."

|Janeen Maxwell
Director of Grants Development