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Our Collective Impact Initiative

Collective impact as defined by Mark Cabaj, a leading expert in the field and
keynote speaker at our 2017 Collective Impact Summit.

Collective impact is the means in which we achieve community impact. It is a comprehensive approach to improve our community conditions. Through the power of working together, organizations:

  • Agree to a common agenda
  • Agree to use shared measurement and track progress the same way
  • Agree to bring their expertise and skills together while identifying new ways to work together
  • Agree to continuously communicate

What is unique about collective impact is the discipline required to achieve social systemic change. Systemic change is bold. Expansive. Inclusive. It involves new thinking, more people and organizations at the table, and courageous dreamers who refuse to accept the status quo.

At United Way of Lancaster County, we invest in Collective Impact Partnerships - groups of nonprofit organizations, schools, school districts, educational foundations, faith-based groups, businesses and government - who develop strategies to help us achieve our community's Four Bold Goals:

  1. 100% of our children will enter kindergarten ready to learn
  2. 100% of students and adults will have post-secondary credentials
  3. Decrease individuals and families living in poverty by 50%
  4. 100% of individuals, children and families will have a medical home

Collective Impact Partnerships are funded for three-year terms. United Way of Lancaster County provides these Partnerships with the backbone support along with assistance from Franklin & Marshall College's Center for Opinion Research.

Check out the video of our 2019 Collective Impact Summit