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Building Relationships: Take Care of You to Take Care of Kids

Our Plant the Seed/Grow the Seed of learning team is made up of educators excited about supporting young learners and the increased likelihood of academic success afforded to children who are actively engaged in environments that inspire curiosity, are rich in language, and foster time between the child and the loving adults in their family.  While most of our presentations and professional talk surround the “little people” (young children) in the room, we are also very excited about the “big people” (the adults) and the relationships that begin to form.  Fully supporting part of our missio

Building Relationships in Southern Lancaster County

     The southern end of the county can seem far from everything. If you are traveling down this way and not just passing through, you are probably doing so because you have family here or maybe you’ve discovered BB’s and found it’s worth the trek. Those that live here have probably done so for many generations, and the roots are deep. To some, the distance from resources can be a barrier, but to those in the Solanco community this barrier is often met with the opportunity to be a good neighbor.

Long Term Impact that Changes Lives

      May will be an important month for United Way of Lancaster County and our women’s leadership group, Women United.  Over the past few months, we have crafted a strategic plan that will guide our future investments to fulfill our mission:  achieve impactful change in the health, education, and financial stability of Lancaster County women.  This year, the focus of our grants will be to improve the lives of Lancaster County women by promoting financial stability through further education and increased financial empowerment.

Plant the Seed of Learning Continues Growing Young Minds

     Between conception and age three, the brain goes through impressive changes. We know that in the first three years, a child’s brain has up to twice as many synapses as it will have in adulthood.   This surplus of synapses is gradually eliminated throughout childhood.  Environmental factors impact this phase of brain development, and play and interaction with children become crucial influencers.  A child’s experiences not only determine what information enters her brain, but also influence how her brain processes information.