The benefits of CaseWorthy ... it's no longer GAME OVER

I don’t know about you, but I love adventure/strategy video games. Some of my fellow nerds might be aware that recently a new Legend of Zelda video game was released, and though it seems off topic, go with me on this.

In this game, you can go on all the grand adventures (and more!) that were treasured from previous games, but this time you have more specific abilities. You can tame wild horses to ride them, master new sword skills, prepare meals to help improve your nutrition and physical abilities, and even rock climb up vertical cliff sides. But the key is to monitor your stamina, because if you overexert yourself—you fall off the side of a mountain and…GAME OVER.

I don't think there has ever been a more fitting metaphor for the feeling consumers of social services get when independent providers inadvertently require door to door travel, hours sitting in countless waiting rooms, just to complete the same information over and over ad nauseum. This is a GAME OVER of the most exhausted and redundant kind.

Enter CaseWorthy. This is the centralized electronic filing cabinet (so to speak) of all the interactions one has had with service providers in our county. Similar to a medical record, when you call the doctor to report symptoms, your history of treatment can help inform and narrow down aid that will help you now. This is the same way it works in social services, except the CaseWorthy filing cabinet doesn’t just sit in one building. It’s web-based and all service providers have access to it.

Thankfully, communication has progressed from Dixie-cups with strings to walkie-talkies, and now onto bigger and better things—CaseWorthy. With walkie-talkie caliber communication, we were working in teams, siloed off from one another, isolated with only one way in and one way out. Thanks to the ingenious design of CaseWorthy software, we’re now able to have a superhighway of communication connecting every agency representative to another, saving time and resources, and providing information about the consumers of our services before they even arrive at our door.

Imagine being able to exert all your energy on the interactions directly with staff that get you up that cliff side, instead of wasting it slushing through paperwork at the base of the mountain. Because of CaseWorthy, as soon as a consumer reaches out, service providers can easily pull up their entire history of enrollments in services. That helps us ask the questions that matter, that you’ve never been asked before because it takes a long time to get to know someone’s full story. We can update your file as accurate for right now, and if we’re all doing so effectively, everyone gets a clear view of the impact we’re having. The cool part is that those electronic files will only become more robust when Lancaster County Assistance Office integrates to CaseWorthy!

Thanks to CaseWorthy, it’s no longer GAME OVER for our friends and neighbors whose most precious resource is time. Let’s spend time on the things that really matter—tackling conflicts, breaking down barriers, making way for new beginnings. GAME ON!


Story Submitted by: 
Evalina Dombrowski
Executive Director,
Clare House

With a background of mental health services, Eva brings an out-of-the-box special kind of hard work and positivity to the Clare House teamwork dynamic. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Messiah College and spent her time after graduation working for Philhaven Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services in Lebanon County. Eva is happy to be celebrating her 3rd year at Clare House, and passionately looks forward to the experiences that await the years to come! In her free time, she enjoys volunteering her time at The Common Wheel, writing, playing guitar, long boarding, conspiracy theories, hiking, and playing with her 3 and 1 year old nieces. One of her favorite quotes is:

"I want to infect you with the tremendous excitement of living, because I believe that you have the strength to bear it."
— Tennessee Williams

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