Tocqueville Society

The Tocqueville Society is a very special group of committed philanthropists around the world who invest at least $10,000 annually in their United Ways. Historically these members are among United Way’s most longstanding and engaged partners.

United Way of Lancaster County founded its Society in 1993 to afford leading, local contributors a vehicle to deepen their understanding of our community’s needs and connect with United Way’s most generous contributors to make change happen in Lancaster County. United Way of Lancaster County’s Tocqueville Society includes more than 70 members who invest nearly $1 million annually in this community.



La Table Ronde de Millions de Dollars

Elva B. Wilson (deceased)

Ordre d'Egalite

Michael Lockhart

Ordre de Liberte

David R. & Tamela J. Fassnacht
Joanne M. Judge & Rick Oppenheimer
Roger & Grace Moyer

Membres de la Societe

William W. & Susan C. Adams
Lyndell & Shannon Bair
Jan & Tom Bergen
Sally Buckwalter
Dick & Barb Blakinger
Nevin & Kathleen Cooley
Susan & Jerry Eckert
Bob & Patty Ford
Phil & Pati Frey
Wendell L. Funk, MD
Jerry & Monika Glenn
Vic Grizzle
John K. Herr III & M. Diane Koken
S. Dale & Sadie High
Colette & James Hipolit
David & Jean Hosler
Donald & Boots Horn
Tom & Sharon Kennedy
Stephen & Veronica Kepchar
Walt & Fran Legenstein
Donald & Susan Maier

Molly & Monty Milner
Lois T. Morgan
James H. & Joan L. Moss
Summit Advisory


Mr. Terence O'Day
Joan Paxton & Wayne Paxton
Carol Y. Phillips
Jason & Melissa Reiman
Joseph & Elizabeth Roda
Rick & Jessica Rodgers
Dr. Robert L. & Anna M. Roschel
Judy & Roger Sandt
Dave & Anne Marie Schulz
Steve & Susan Senkowski
Mike & Andrea Shirk
Ralph & Linda Simpson
James E. & Mary E. Shreiner
Pete & Kit Slaugh
E. Follin Smith & Dr. John Gerdy
Keith & Andrea Stauffer
Mr. James A. Stubbs
Sue Suter
John G. Swanson
Marlin & Doris Thomas
Kevin & Denise Walling
Paul W. & Judy S. Ware
Mike & Sandy Wege
George & Nancy Weaver
Mr. & Mrs. Isaac H. Weaver
Linda & Jeff Wright