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Success By 6


Kindergarten Readiness ChecklistAs your child quickly approaches school age, you may be wondering if he or she has developed the skills necessary to be successful in this new and challenging part of their childhood. In order to help your child with the transition, United Way of Lancaster County’s Success by 6 has provided you with the following list of behaviors that school districts and preschool programs across the state consistently look for to understand a child’s readiness for the school experience.

Please keep in mind: any child who meets the locally determined kindergarten age requirement is eligible to attend kindergarten. This resource should never be used to exclude an age-eligible child from kindergarten.

Download the Guide below:

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist (English)

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist (Spanish)


Children Do Come With DirectionsGood parenting is not easy. It can be both a joy and a challenge. Time, skill, and patience are required. As parents we often have questions or problems, and don’t know where to find the answers. Children Do Come with Directions, A Guide for Parents provides information about community resources, your child’s health, safety, and development. Also included is information on community resources, choosing quality child care and school readiness.

Thanks to a generous donation from Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation, these booklets are free to Lancaster County residents. 

Download the Guide below:

CDCWD: Birth - 24 Months

CDCWD: Two - Five Years

CDCWD: Birth - 24 Months (Spanish)

CDCWD: Two - Five Years (Spanish)