Summer Youth Experience


United Way of Lancaster and the Rotary Club of Lancaster offer the Summer 2021 Youth Experience Grants in an effort to support additional learning needs and opportunities for the youth of the community. To qualify for an application or consideration, programs must have a focus on fighting learning loss due to the summer and the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, this learning should be focused on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM).  


scienceLancaster Science Factory ($2,000)        
Hosting twenty unique hands-on collaborative STEM-based camps this summer for local students, the Lancaster Science Factory is an interactive science center for local students. Their target demographic being ages pre-K through eighth grades, this unique experience enables kids interested in STEM to effectively explore their talents and thrive in a classroom.  

sfLancaster Recreation Commission ($1,000) 
                  A vision of a healthy community that is consistently strengthened and brought together by recreation. This amazing program provides free summer programs at the parks for the children of Lancaster. Children from the ages of 14 to 15 specifically will be enrolled in a Work Experience Program where they will cultivate important job-seeking skills, training in first aid and safety, as well as building their social networks and skills 


swanSWAN ($3,000) 
An organization that is dedicated to being proficient advocates for children that are affected by parental incarceration and do so through actions such as music and mentoring. A new summer program called ‘Empowering Dreams through Music” where each student's progress will be measured individually and will be able to grow into a young musician.  

horizonHorizons at Lancaster Country Day School ($3,000) 
Horizons is a network of different public and private school partnerships that provide educational interventions, summer enrichment opportunities, and year-round support for K-8 low-income children. This engaging program helps prevent summer learning loss by providing these children with exciting and experimental academic enrichment taught by master teachers. 

capCAP ($3,000) 
Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County (CAP) strives to empower the community, drive action and build the partnership that is necessary to eliminate poverty. Their summer learning program is determined to prepare children for kindergarten. They have added STEM experiences to their program, excelling it to be one of the most multifaceted programs for the children of Lancaster.  

brightsideBrightside Opportunities Center ($1,500) 
Brightside Opportunities Center strives to create a productive and impactful community that ultimately seeks a positive purpose. Their summer opportunity will focus on the detrimental learning loss that children have experienced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, the Center’s summer program will be focusing on STEM fields as they seek to break the traditional poverty cycle.  

musicMusic for Everyone ($1,500) 
Music for Everyone critically cultivates the power of music and encourages the youth within their program to use this as a tool to strive for a better and more stable community. The program will provide a diverse plethora of curriculum and will include: World Rhythm, Music Theory/Note Reading, Timbre, Songwriting, and Improvisation. Music programs being so frivolously cut from schooling programs in recent years is what makes this program so critical for the youth of Lancaster.   

mixThe Mix at Arbor Place ($2,000) 
The Mix at Arbor Place is a youth development center that seeks to inspire local youth to thrive. The center is committed to a holistic approach to meeting an abundance of the youth of Lancaster's needs. Their summer program will supply children with academic classes that specifically focus on the STEAM curriculum.   


partnerLancaster Partnership for Learning Equity ($2,000) 
The Partnership for Learning Equity strives to improve the quality of life for the community of Lancaster. Their summer program engages students from pre-K to 9th grade with academic components as well as fun and exciting components, which will ultimately encourage the children to be more engaged in the classroom during the academic year. With an emphasis on social-emotional learning and family engagement, this unique program will help students navigate the difficulties of the Covid-19 learning environment and recover from it.  

downtownLancaster Downtowners ZTutors ($1,000) 
Lancaster Downtowners is an organization in downtown Lancaster that strives for a caring community of seniors that are willing to do what it takes to improve the local community. Their summer program, ZTutors, helps connect adults with elementary students in a 1 to 1 reading and literacy tutoring session.