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Apply for Pre-K EITC Scholarships

Through the Commonwealth’s Pre-Kindergarten Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, businesses can:

  • Invest money that would typically be paid as taxes into pre-K scholarships for at-risk children.

  • Ensure low income children get the quality early education needed for them to enter kindergarten ready to learn.

United Way of Lancaster County has been approved as a Pre-K Scholarship Organization by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). This designation allows us to deploy business tax credits to provide scholarships for young children in low-income families to Keystone STARS certified, high-quality, Pre-K programs across Lancaster County.

By 2025, United Way is committed to ensuring that all Lancaster County children enter kindergarten ready to learn. Quality early education for each and every child, regardless of family income, is fundamental to achieving this bold goal. A solid educational foundation before kindergarten opens doors to success in school and in the workforce. In fact, every $1 invested in high-quality early childhood education returns $16 through lower special education and remediation costs. Quality early education ensures higher skilled workforce and lower public costs for public assistance, crime control, and lost taxes.

For more information on funding Pre-K EITC scholarships, contact a member of our team at

Pre-K EITC is proudly supported by Central Penn Business JournalTriStarr Staffing, and United Way of Lancaster County's Women United affinity group.


Are you a Keystone STARS certified, high-quality, Pre-K program in Lancaster County?

Learn more about how to apply for scholarships by contacting a member of our team at


Since 2015, scholarships have been awarded to high-quality, Pre-K centers for at-risk students county-wide. Scholarships average around $4,000 a child. We have provided scholarships to children who attended the high-quality preschool programs at:

  • Community Action Partnership, Lancaster City
  • Lancaster Early Education Center, Lancaster City
  • S. June Smith Center, Ephrata
  • YWCA, Lancaster City
  • Luthercare, Columbia and Reamstown
  • Elizabethtown Child Care Center, Elizabethtown