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Legacy Society

The Legacy Society recognizes United Way of Lancaster County investors who have perpetuated their giving past their lifetimes. Their planned gifts "pay it forward," leaving a legacy that will continue to improve lives across Lancaster County.

There are a variety of ways to include United Way of Lancaster County in your will or estate plans. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Naming United Way of Lancaster County as a beneficiary in your will.
  • Making an outright gift of cash, appreciated stock or real estate.
  • Naming United Way of Lancaster County as a beneficiary of a retirement plan.
  • Naming United Way of Lancaster County as the beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy.
  • Making a gift through a charitable gift annuity.

We invite you to consider making United Way part of your legacy. To learn more, please contact Barb Zercher, Resourse Development Director, or 717.824.8123 

Gifts received in 2018-2019 from:


Lawrence Arnold Trust
Victor L. Baer Trust
Mary L. Baer Trust
Estate of George P. Bolbach 
Estate of Cora M. Burkhart
Estate of Betty J. Cannon
Estate of John C. Carter
Estate of Dorothy R. Chapman
Beatrice M. Clopp Trust
Estate of Walter L. Connor
Billy DiGilio
Estate of Genevieve Diller
Susan C. Eckert Fund  
Estate of Maude M. Eshelman
Paul B. and Maude M. Eshelman Trust 
Paul B. Eshelman Trust
Estate of Doris Flick
Gladys L. Good Trust
Estate of Wyona R. Graver
Estate of Dorothy Ann Haley
Estate of Arthur K. & Florence M. Hammel
Elmer E. & Virginia M. Hansell Trust
Estate of Rodney W. Harnish
Estate of James J. High
In memory of J. Leroy & Pauline E. Hoeltzel
Estate of Charles B. Hull III
Estate of Edmund C. Johnson
Estate of William G. Johnstone, Jr.
Estate of Mary A. Kauffman
John C. Kirchner Memorial Fund
Estate of Robert E. Knoll
Estate of Herman R. Kramm
Estate of Helen E. Larson
Gilda M. Markoski Fund
Estate of Virginia M. Mehler
Charles H. Miller Trust
Margaret S. Moss
Reuel R. Rupp and Mayanna E. Rupp Trust
Mary Sachs Trust
Estate of Verna A. Scott
Estate of Helen A. Shaub
Alvin W. Shenk Trust
Sol J. Slotkin Trust
Estate of Keith Spalding
Estate of Lewis H. Wessinger
Estate of George H. Wiest
Elva Boyd Wilson Fund
Estate of Helen M. Witmyer
Letters of Intent
Shaun Balani
Scott & Kay Burky
Dr. J. Frederick & Theodora M. Chairsell
Gloria E. Degler, CFP, CDFA
Tony & Sherry Chivinski
Robert J. & Janice A. Cook
Susan & Jerry Eckert
Deborah R. Gerlach
John Gooding
Edward A. Hauck & Stefanie B. Valar
Anita Hess
Carol D. Hess
Ken & Louise Hess
David E. Hosler
Suzette & Richard Kneedler
Walt & Fran Legenstein
Richard Haughton Livesey III
Mrs. Mae F. Livesey
Iris S. MacRae
Joe & Anna Molony
Ronald & Julie Myer
James E. & Mary E. Shreiner
Sue Suter
Ann & Ron Vail
Rick & Colleen Watson


We apologize if we failed to honor anyone’s generous philanthropy.