Legacy Society

The strongest nonprofit organizations are frequently the best endowed—financially stable, able to make strategic investments in people, and undertake important initiatives. The Legacy Society encourages and recognizes those donors who perpetuate their giving past a lifetime. The individuals and couples listed have made arrangements to provide support to the community through a planned gift.

Lawrence Arnold

Victor Baer

Shaun Balani

George P. Bolbach

Jay and Pam Bucher

Cora M. Burkhart

Betty J. Cannon

John C. Carter

Dr. J. Frederick & Theodora M. Chairsell

Dorothy R. Chapman

Tony & Sherry Chivinski

Beatrice M. Clopp

Walter L. Connor

Robert J. & Janice A. Cook

Genevieve Diller

Sisam & Jerry Eckert

Maude M. Eshelman

Paul B. Eshleman

Doris Flick

Deborah R. Gerlach

Gladys L. Good

Mary & John Gooding

Wyona R. Graver

Dorothy Ann Haley

Florence Hammel

Elmer & Virginia Hansell

Rodney W. Harnish

Edward A. Hauck & Stefanie B. Valar

Anita Hess

Carol D. Hess

KEn & Louise Hess

James J. High

J. Leory & Pauline E. Hoeltzel

David E. Hosler

Charles B. Hull III

Edmund C. Johnson

William G. Johnstone, Jr.

Mary A. Kauffman

John C. Kirchner

Suzette & Richard Kneedler

Robert E. Knoll

Herman R. Kramm

Helen E. Larson

Walt & Frannie Legenstein

David & Anne Lewis

Richard Haughton Livesey III

Mrs. Mae F. Lovesey

Iris MacRae

Constanta Macila

Gilda M. Markoski

Virginia Mehler

Charles H. Miller

Joe & Anna Molony

Ronald & Julie Myer

Walter D. & Patricia J. Otto

Mary Sachs

Verna A. Scott

Helen A. Shaub

Alvin W. Shenk

James E. & Mary Shreiner

Sol J. Slotkin

Keith Spalding

Charles & Marilyn Taylor

Ann & Ron Vail

Rick & Colleen Watson

Lewis Wessinger

Elva Boyd Wilson

Helen M. Witmyer