Agency FAQS

1. What other benefits will occur with these United Way of Lancaster County grants?

The 17 impact grants awarded will be supported by United Way of Lancaster County staff, similar to a project manager. United Way professionals will help support and sustain these initiatives, will be providing volunteers for the initiatives, and will apply for outside grants for these 16 groups. Large national funders are very interested in funding organizations working together in ways to address community problems, making United Way of Lancaster County more appealing in securing outside grants.

2. How long is this first grant cycle?

United Way of Lancaster County made commitments to 17 collaborative Collective Impact Partnerships for 3 years, contingent on the outcome of the campaign, available resources, and performance.

3. Will there be additional funding agencies can apply for, especially if the agency did not receive funding for the next 3 years?

It depends on how much money United Way of Lancaster County can raise both from the annual campaign and from grants. If there is extra funding available it will be spent working towards the Four Bold Goals.

4. What else can agencies get from United Way of Lancaster County in terms of resources?